"I feel very grateful. Grateful for what I've learned. I have learned from my best friends, I have learned from myself. I've seen dark clouds and colourful rainbows and everything in between. And all of it is me."
"Shout out to Lisa, the way she can create a very safe space where everything is possible and all can be said, without judgement and with the fullest respect; thanks for that!"
"You can almost not put into words how good this is, but I'll try anyway. After the Earth game, you know and feel what has changed in yourself, your inner world, and your thought process. But that very last meditation hits hard, it wraps it up, it's the cherry on the whip-cream on top of the biggest, most delicious cake ever. Now I can understand myself better, regulate myself better, I see myself more positively. Communication with my partner is better, deeper, we have a crazier connection, just like with my friends and other people around me. I can put things into perspective better, understand people and situations, and show more compassion. Even business-wise, I'm doing more of what feels right for me and less of what I'm supposed to do according to the world. I keep going to the essence of what I love to do, what I do well, where my passion lies. I am less susceptible to opinions and external influences. I feel lighter, more myself, I genuinely feel like a better person. SO SO SO much gratitude! Everybody deserves a Lisa, everybody needs a Lisa!"
"I think Lisa is an incredible coach/facilitator and person. She knows exactly when to push through, when to stop. She was very well in control of the group and could keep us all focused as one entity. Apart from that she always asks for consent when zooming in on one person. When she makes a remark and wants to dive deeper, she first checks in with the person in question if that's ok to be done in group. This made me feel very safe. I was allowed to say no."
"I used to have a hard time connecting to meditations. Sitting still and keeping my mind still for that long isn't something that comes easy for me, let alone the visual part of it. But some of these meditations, man, words can not describe where they brought me. For one meditation in particular I will be forever grateful, it gave me so much insight and closure that I never even dared to imagine in real life."
"Surprising, eye-opening, calming, a healthy kind of scary, overwhelming (sometimes positive, sometimes negative), but overall a good experience. I was initially somewhat skeptical and afraid because I had no idea what was coming my way and whether I really wanted to get to know myself better in depth (you never know what you'll encounter). However, every topic or event offers solutions, perspective, and it always ends with a positive and motivating feeling for me."
"The live calls really surprised me, because after the three core components of each module, you might think you know or can handle it, but the calls continue to go deeper and surprise me time and time again. You also learn a lot from your fellow participants."
"I decided to participate in group format, because I tought I would feel less vulnerable and alone. The group aspect took the scary me vs. therapist scenario away."
"It's really super specific, extremely well-founded, and each module is very interesting. There are numerous practical exercises that lead to tangible results."
"But those puzzle pieces fitting together so perfectly, you just can't skip that. I talk about it with as much enthusiasm as Lisa does!"
"After years of trying to find the right therapist or psychologist, this course was like a breath of fresh air."
"I was surprised by the connection that was created in between the participants and the facilitator. I knew these people before and called them friends, but this brought a superficial friendship to a whole deeper level."